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25 Dicembre / December

Oggi è un giorno speciale… … e vi vogliamo fare gli auguri in una maniera speciale, anzi in tante maniere speciali Auguri nei dialetti italiani… Alò, alò, buon Natale / bån Nadèl e un ân nôv pén ed felizitè /

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24 Dicembre / December


Good morning to everybody and Happy Christmas’ Eve! The great day has arrived! Today we will extract the winner of our Advent Calendar raffle! Even this year many of you took part in our game and we would like to

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23 Dicembre / December


A real “Italian style” Christmas meal Traditionally, the Italian families reunite for Christmas Eve (December 24th) or on Christmas day December 25th for lunch and exchange of gifts. It is also often that the celebration is held both on 24th

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22 Dicembre / December


A special wish: peace in the world For this Christmas, more than anything else, we wish to all of us citizens of the world, a 2016 of peace. “Peace” linguistically is a short word, simple, whose meaning is however far

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21 Dicembre / December


Felicità 🙂 In 1982, the famous Italian singers Albano and Romina sang that – among other things – happiness (felicità) is like ‘un bicchiere di vino con un panino’ (a glass of wine with a sandwich). This well-known song of

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20 Dicembre / December


My first time in Italy… “My first time in Italy, I went to Rome. I liked a lot the art and history, but even more the atmosphere and local people. I planning to go back as soon as I can”

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19 Dicembre / December


Tweet you best Christmas wish! The most retweeeted one and win a 20% discount on the enrollment fee to any of our courses! How do you like to receive your Christmas wishes? A text message, an email, an old good

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18 Dicembre / December


A special day “Domani è festa” is a nursery rhyme written by Gianni Rodari. He makes us smile and he makes us think with his brilliance and irony. Gianni Rodari (1920-1980), was an Italian writer, journalist and teacher, famous in

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17 Dicembre / December


The Traditional Roman food (…) Ce piacciono li polli, l’abbacchi e le galline, perché so’ senza spine, nun so’ come er baccalà. La società dei magnaccioni, la società de la gioventù, a noi ce piace de magna’ e beve, e

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16 Dicembre / December


Food is an ageless pleasure It is a recurrent topic in all forms of art of all times, since the earliest cave drawings. Many are the painters who depicted the food subject in their works. This topic is so interesting

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